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About Us


At DigitAgric, our core objective is to assist smallholder farmers in adopting regenerative farming techniques to enhance soil health, produce healthy food and be climate resilient.

Farmers Impacted
Acres of land revitalized
Tonnes of CO2


Services And Product

At DigitAgric, we do not only offer climate-friendly products and services that double farmers’ yields, restore degraded soils, cool the planet, transform carbon into the soils, but also sequester C02 from the atmosphere

When you buy any of our products, you are not only removing carbon from the atmosphere, supporting our farmers but also fixing carbon into the soil for hundreds of years. Together we can do much more than sequestering Carbon Dioxide, we can Restore Nature, bringing back life to our soils! If you are passionate about climate impact, you can provide an incentive for a smallholder farmer with a token of $10.


We produce biochar from rice husks, coconut husks, corn stalks, hulls, wood chips, etc. that instead of being burnt, are transformed through a smokeless process into a carbon-rich format. DigitAgric Biochar acts as a sponge that can retain water, absorb nutrients, house and protect microorganisms, increase soil fertility, and boost root development and crop yield. We sell to agricultural inputs dealers and cooperatives.


DigitAgric organic liquid fertilizer is readily absorbed by plant roots, providing quick access to essential nutrients, which can lead to faster growth and development.

We exist to make agriculture profitable and impactful